NUM 1131

Title: Amílcar Vasques Dias – Doze Nocturnos em Teu Nome – Lume De Chão – Tecido De Memórias e Afectos

Artist: Álvaro Teixeira Lopes

Composer:  Amílcar Vasques Dias

Do you know why is it so admirable to compose, or to play an instrument? Because, in the first moment, there is nothing at all. It seems that both primordial and natural voids are seated by our side, seducing us. However, in the next imperceptible space of time, there is a surprisingly quiet storm, which expands the figures of sound or image indoors.

Maria Gabriela Llansol, Parasceve (2001).

This all started as an almost private project. The texts written by Maria Gabriela Llansol have a rather strange and magical power of creating a community of affections among its readers. After the complicities derived from the text, Amílcar Vasques-Dias and Álvaro Teixeira Lopes thought about the possibility of musically intertwining their dense fictional universe; and thus was born a true love triangle, to which the ASSÉDIO Theatre Company joined afterwards, adding to it creative shape and the possibility of fulfilment.

It all started with the text itself. We are in the presence of a text intensely opened to the world(s). The awareness of the slightest disturbance of reality, as well as generosity and immensity of possibilities are included in this world. The so called community of affections is also inherent to it, and allows it to inspire any creator and allow him to obtain serenity. After the text comes the music, which vivifies the nocturno in the title – “nocturne” in English -, also provided by Maria Gabriela, in twelve cadences, twelve environments that never tried to superpose themselves to the text, or to explicitly articulate themselves with it. Instead, the music as a whole seeks re-readings, re-conceptualizations, parallelisms, and new spaces.

At a higher level, we recognize games of subtle weaving between the interpreters, a minimal scenic aspect, and finally the possible relations with the audience. The public will capture all the universes, and distribute them in their own fictions.

The em teu nome – “to your name” in English – referred in the title works as a personal but transmittable dedication to whoever reads, sees, or listens to these twelve nocturnes, and relates wholeheartedly.

João Pedro Vaz

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