NUM 1161

Title: Vilancicos Do Século XVI (Iberian 16th Century Christmas Songs)

Artists: Il Dolcimelo, Isabel Monteiro,Ana Bela Covão, Margarida de Moura, Conceição Martinho, Carmo Burnay, Rui Aleixo, Pedro Costa, Tiago Mota, Carla Abreu, Sara Ponte, Sofia Barreira, Francisco Gonçalves, João Mateus, Diana Matos, Sofia Barreira, Manuela Oliveira, Hélder Rodrigues

Composers: Anonymous
The early music group IL DOLCIMELO consists of professionals, students, and solo and choral singers with a particular interest in the Renaissance and early Baroque.  The group’s mission is to recreate and disseminate the musical sonorities of the past with historical rigor – in terms of repertoire as well as interpretation – always aware that its work is destined for listeners of the 21st-century.
Recently IL DOLCIMELO has developed projects where small excerpts from Portuguese literature are associated with music of the same epoch. And whenever possible, the group has sought to include examples of the most beautiful iconography left to us from artists of the 16th and 17th centuries.
This concert format has been well received by the public, both in Portugal and abroad, especially in Spain, at the “VII Festival Internacional de Música de Galícia” (July/2005) with the program, Jardim das Delícias – música italiana de c.1600; and at the  “XXIII Festival Ibérico de Música em Badajoz” (May/2006) with the program Viagem na Nau do Tempo.

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