NEW RELEASE – NUM 1200 Chopin | 19 Waltzes

NUM 1200
António Victorino D’Almeida – piano

This present record, with the integral 19 Chopin Waltzes is, with no doubt, a great surprise and the pianist Hans Graf – Professor at the Superior Music School of Vienna – considered “unbelievable” the way Victorino D’Almeida got the time to combine his other multiple activities (…“in which the originality of his literary works are comparable to the phantasy of his movies and his compositions, which show his extraordinary personality”) with such a big pianistic work, remarkable for the “perfect grasp” of the instrument and the stilistic knowledge, both of the author (Chopin) and of each piece, always marked by the energy and the joy of life of this exceptional artist”.
A similar remark was made by the famous pianist Alfred Brendel in a letter written to Victorino D’Almeida.
Victorino D’Almeida gives us his own “reasons” for the issue of this record:
In the first place I wanted to homage my Portuguese piano Professor, Campos Coelho, whose teachings are always present and never forgoten, even during the years I’ve paused my pianist career. In the second place, I intended to give a response to the old fascination that I had for the “prodigious” world of the Chopin Waltzes, so often misunderstood.
As a matter of fact, I consider Chopin as a half-polish and half-french composer, but I think that the waltzes reveal much more his French heritage, and when I viewed “The Ball”, this remarkable picture by Ettore Scola, I decided to go to the “studio” to revive it in a certain way, through the interpretation of the 19 waltzes (which
I dedicated to Ettore Scola, “a certain Paris story…”).
In the third place, thanks to the great sound technician – José Manuel Fortes – who with his deep cultural skill and conscience produced this wonderfull work, that may never have existed otherwise.
Finally, I also dedicate this work to the Austrian Firm E.T.E., this to remember that due to the incentive of Erika Pluhar and the “Trio”, with herself and Peter Marinoff, I have returned to the piano concerts, though with a very different style of the repertory.





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